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January 12, 2015
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This image was taken on a Toyo 4X5 (large format) camera loaded with Ilford 100 B&W sheet film.

I cropped the image to a 2X3 ratio to eliminte unwanted legs and backsides on the right side of the frame.

I processed the film at school and scanned the image on an Imocon scanner - one heck of a scanner.

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Me - The Toyo's we were shooting were pretty light. The tripod and film holders are what add the weight and the bulk. The LF negs are very crisp. I think the Imocon goes as high as 6,000 dpi when scanning 3F files (Raw digital negatives). 3F's are huge files, as you probably know: up to 488 MB. Once 3F's are converted to TIFFs, the file size is reduced by half or more - depending whether the negative is colour or black and white. Tomorrow I am posting scanned LF colour negs from the Jumel Mansion shoot.
Ed - jaysus!!... that is one big camera, i checked out some images of it on google, building up the muscle on both arms I hope!... what sort of resolution can the scanner handle? (dpi?) i bet that original is crisp!