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December 31, 2014
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Jason and I took a day trip to Beacon, NY - population 14,389 (US Census 2013).

The quaint little town is 1.5 hours by train from NYC. It is known for Dia:Beacon  - a massive museum of

contemporary art housed in a former Nabisco warehouse. Regrettably, the museum was closed.

So we walked around town.


It is a town open Friday to Monday (not Monday to Friday). The majority of stores were closed so we window

shopped - which is great for the wallet.


We admired the gold leaf signage (Doug Bernhardt thoughts???)

Then walked around some more before catching the train home.

I'll come back one weekend when the stores are open and I'm flush with cash.

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Kirsten - Spoken by the master of old world skill.
Doug B - Lois....enjoying the blog to no end.....and yes, that's a pretty great gold leaf on glass sign. Lots of old world skills need to do that.
Kirsten - Hi Sue. What a delight to hear from you. Beacon reminded me of Carp and the surrounding area. Lots of picturesque brick houses. Indeed, NY has no shortage of photo ops. Do you already have a webpage?
Apologies if you gave it to me. I remember you sent me a detailed email shortly after G's celebration of life. Maybe it was in that email. Happy New Year.
Sue Carey - Happy healthy new year! Since your mother's visit to Ottawa I have been visiting your blog and enjoying your photographs and comments. You are setting a good example. I too will try to take a photo or two a day. However, I don't think Carp has the same appeal as New York.
Kirsten - Robyn S. You would love this little town. It is a page out of a Norman Rockwell painting.
robynsirmul - Love the pics and blog :)
Happy New Year 2015 KM & Jason!