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January 17, 2015
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On the heels of getting naked and getting real, fellow student and future roommate Hope Davis (above in future

apartment) sent me a link about a Canadian man who actively sought rejection. The man's name is Jason Comely.

After his wife left him, he fell into a deep depression. He became socially paralyzed by his fear of rejection. To

conquer this fear, he faced it directlyHe started asking strangers for rides and store clerks for

discounts. What happened after that is what makes this such a great story.

 Comely's was featured on NPR'Invisibilia, a show that looks at the

invisible forces that shape our lives.  

The moral of Comely's story is if you disobey fear, there is a good chance you'll winHere is the link.


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Ed - wow... love those floors!!
good luck in the new digs, closer to school? and also it would be nice to have a roomie.