April 30, 2015
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Sorry for the inconsistent postings. Thanks for the nudge, JT.

We have a bunch of deadlines.

As well, I had to re-catalog several thousand images in LightRoom after my portable HD crashed last month.

Right now I am working on an archival project called Passionate Collections.

I decided to write letters to people who have died or are ghost-like figures in my life. I then match the letters with

photos from any number of sources. For example, this one of Barbara Pentland was pulled from the internet.

For installation (display) purposes, I put each letter and photo in an envelope.

The assignment is all about ritual: the ritual of writing, collecting and presenting.

It has been very therapeutic.

As well, I am finishing my proposal for the final show on June 19. Epic.

It's all coming together but the pressure and expectations are intense.

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