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February 05, 2015
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I have had a couple of nibbles from the poster. Meanwhile, I am approaching dog owners in my neighbourhood. I

ask if I can photograph their dog for a school project. Once they agree, I drop to the ground. So far, all the humans

have happily complied. Some dogs take more convincing. This project is inspired by the work of Elliot Erwitt.

This was, and all subsequent images will be, shot on film. Thanks to Ed Murphy in Arnprior, Ont, who connected

me with the owner of two Glen of ImaalTerriers just a couple of blocks from my place. I will photograph them next

week. I am confident I will have an ample supply of models for this project. The trick is to keep the images fresh

and avoid repetition.

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Ed - interesting read on Erwitt... thanx for sharing, I have seen many of his images in the past, the "colored" water fountain comes to mind but I really liked the photo of the photographer in China wearing the mask smoking a cigar... priceless!... good luck with the dogs!... IRT the dogs... small world eh?