Love on the subway
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January 03, 2015
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Very sweet, very intense.

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Kirsten - Delighted to hear you have embraced the photo-a-day project. So simple but so rewarding. I will be sure to check out your FB page.

Today I started a large format photography workshop. Each student was assigned their own LF camera for the two week class. Whoa! What a beautiful beast. The morning was spent on the mechanics and operation of the plates. In the afternoon we loaded the film and fired off a number of shots. Compared to 35 mm and medium format, LF is a much more labour intensive endeavour. You really have to slow down and think and re-think each step or else waste a financially dear sheet of film.

The first three weeks of January are optional workshops. Regular classes begin on Jan. 26. Assignment details to follow.

Hello to Bill.
Sue Carey - Like the photo! I hope you will also share information about your assignments. It is not the next best thing of being there, but you've inspired me to take at least one photo a day! I don't have a website, but did set up a Facebook page if you Google: Sue Carey Carp Ontario