Merry Christmas
December 25, 2014
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The best present ever arrived at La Guardia airport last night.

Jason Todd Squires touched down just before 8 pm.

We took the subway home.

Raised a glass to Father Christmas.

Snacked on some cheese balls.

And went to bed. 

This morning we opened a wee collection of presents. Thank you for the cards, emails, phone calls and gift parcels.

It is heartwarming to know I am missed, just as I miss home.

Dad, thanks for the Rolleiflex and helping getting me to New York. It is because of you I am here.

Mom, where did you find the marzipan pigs?? So cute but I'm not sure I'll eat them. Auntie P, don't worry about

the PJ's. I'll get them when I am back in the Motherland.

Shandra you went to town with the Bodem mug, polka dot paraphernalia and various treats. Love them!

Clark and Joan I am hanging the Ptarmigan on my dresser, where I will see it everyday and think of you. (As well,

my laptop screen saver is of the cabin.)

Julie Green your shortbread and white truffles are to die for. I'll be walking them off for months.

John and Aleitha, the scarf is stunning and sooooooo soft. I am wearing it right now.

Amanda I love the card and the enclosure. Very generous. Jason left the granola in Yellowknife for fear of being

detained by US customs. Hello to John and your mom.

Nick Lawson! You are too kind. You are welcome to stay at our place any time.

Teresa Patzer what a beautiful, sunny family photo. You look like one of the kids.

Thinking of you all and sending you lots of love from New York City.

We are about to cook a chicken and head to a classmate's for Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays!!

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Me - It was a great visit. Since returning home, Jason says he finds YK very quiet. Happy New Year to you, too.
cousin Ed - Hey Kirsten...
the smile on your face tells me that you had a great Christmas, I though of all the cool things you would see and do and it looks like you have done most of the biggies (Macy's etc). It is nice to finally "meet" Jason and I am glad he got to experience all of this with you....
happy new year and continued success with your course!... and once again thanx for sharing.
Kirsten -
And we had a great chat with Phil on Christmas Day. I hope camp is treating you well. Guatemala is just around the corner.
MarieMorck - Merry Christmas Murph & Squiddy! Sounds like quite the haul from Santa :)