Neighbourhood watch
December 27, 2014
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The fire escape outside my window is deal for people watching.

Jason has made it his clubhouse; his roost.

Early Christmas morning he saw a man exit the apartment across the street. The man flung a fully decorated tree in

the trash and stormed back in the apartment. 

This morning he cracked the code on how parking tickets get issued in the absence of parking meters.

All in a day's work for Sheriff Squires.






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Kirsten - Excellent, Robyn. U can imagine his expression when I read him your comment.
Robyn - I loved this! I had to share it with the whole office!
Kirsten - Hello Jenna, Andrea and Mike (Manitoba JAM),
I noticed you posted a message about Jason but it was under the ice carving photo so I am responding twice.
Jason is adapting well to NY. I am learning about my neighbourhood from him. This morning, for example, he said people make the sign of the cross when they exit the apartment building across the street. I had never noticed but it's true.

There is no Kokanee in NY but he's found a Mexican beer he likes. I think the sheer volume and pace of human activity still throws him, but it still throws me too.

We are planning something low key but fun for New Year's Eve. Trying to avoid the crowds, which means avoiding the Ball Drop in Times Square. We might watch it on TV.

Great to hear from you.