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February 04, 2015
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I am shooting pet portraits for a B&W class.

The images will be shot on B&W film -  35 mm and medium format.

 I finding my "models" by word-of-mouth and the poster below.

Looking for Quirky Canines

Does your dog have a special talent? Unique skill? Love of fashion?

If so, I would like to photograph your lovable pooch for a school assignment. No charge.

I am a student at ICP (International Center of Photography).

For more information please contact Kirsten at 646-565-1802 or

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Me - Scheduling issues have been an issue. I will keep trying. Sounds very promising.
calypsopug - Hello Kirsten,

I was refered to you from ben. I heard you are looking for fashionable dogs?

Let e know if you are interested in shooting a black pug

I hope to here from you soon
Joanna and calypso
Ed - so?... any luck hooking up with the Glens?... or any luck in getting to the Westminister show?, I am typically not a big fan of "dog shows or dog show people" but I can only imagine what you would see at a show of that significance in that dog community! (the movie "Best in Show" comes to mind) LOL.. more "people watching" than dog watching I bet.
Me - Thanks for putting me in touch with Matt. We exchanged a couple of emails and I plan to meet the dogs next week. I love, love, the idea of attending the Westminster Dog show. Will see if I can get accredited.

ed - Kirsten... just been in touch with some Glen friends who let me know that the Westminster Dog Show is Feb 16-17... not sure what your timeline is for your project but you might see some interesting dogs around MSG!
Jacqui - Can't wait to see what comes out of this. Any 'nibbles' so far...?
Ed - found you a model... lives in your neighborhood (see the US spelling this time).. he has 2 wheaten coloured Glens and he will give you a call... Matt oOShea, another good Irishman.
ed - Kirsten...
I have some fellow dog lovers in the NYC area who have a very rare breed of terrier (do a GOOGLE for ther Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) and they are known for a unique way they sit... called the Glen Sit... it makes for some pretty humourous comments from people... i will try to hook them up with you if you are interested. the same breed I have.