Night Lights
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December 30, 2014
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In preparation for a colour film photography class I am shooting neon street signs and Christmas lights. 

Colour film is a whole new ball game.

 I am using my digital SLR camera as a light metre. Meaning: once I have an ISO, shutter speed and aperture

that produces I pleasing image, I apply the same settings to my Pentax 35 mm film camera. I do this because I do

not fully trust the light meter in my Pentax. There are a lot of variables.

In theory, the shots on the Pentax should be near replicas of these digital shots.

Fingers crossed.

The image below was taken at Columbia University. 

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Kirsten - Janet! Good to hear from you.
Great chatting with Chloe at Christmas. Sounds like your house was alive with the sound of toys and excitement. I loving NY but I miss the little ones. Happy New Year!
Janet Sian - Love this - very peaceful!