On location
January 08, 2015
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Fellow student Nicole Kouri (left) poses for Cristias Rosas Chocano.

We shot at the Morris-Jumel Mansion for our large format (LF) class.

The mansion was built in 1765, eleven years prior to the American Revolution.

Then-General George Washington made it his HQ in 1776.

The natural lighting is superb.

And of course the model's classic beauty suited the house.

A couple of people have asked what I think of shooting large format (4 x 5).

Let's just say it makes medium format feel like a point and shoot.

The tricky part is focusing a dark, inverted image through the rear ground class.

It is easy to ruin an image, either due to accidental exposure, improper loading or processing glitches.

Today's shoot was in colour.

I'll have the prints by Saturday.

From the B&W contact sheet I printed today, two of the five images are in focus.

Our instructor says not to be discouraged.

If large format was a ski run it would be a double black diamond.


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Me - Ahh the Linhof. A prince among paupers. I have my Dad's Linhof waiting for me at home. Your comment about subject distance shows your advanced understanding of photography, specifically LF perspective. We touched upon that today when using shift and rise-fall techniques to eliminate converging lines.

And JT, this is your kind of camera!
sue carey - Wow! What fun. It looks like an amazing place to shoot.
The large format camera, languishing, in my old darkroom is a Linhof Kardan B system. It has 4x5 and 5x7 backs. There must be a cell phone ap that would measure distance from the lens to the subject?
Jacqui - Woman...you are relishing this year, aren't you? You are the sponge soaking up all the liquid around you. Very happy for you, indeed. WHEW!