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August 01, 2017
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My love of black and white film photography was reignited while I was studying in New York in 2015. Brian Young (right) - who is far more approachable than this photo suggests - has a no-nonsense approach to silver gelatine printing. His expertise and work ethic inspired me to refurbish my Dad's Rolleiflex and set up a darkroom at home. When he’s not teaching at ICP, Brian prints for Magnum photographers Larry Towell and Eugene Richards. This transplanted Canuck is a mentor and a friend and one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. Brian represents a time (prior to 2000) when not everyone was a photographer.  I will write more about Brian later (meanwhile check out his work @ I'm far from pure. I shoot digital for the same reasons most people do: cost and convenience. Regardless of purity, this blog reflects my fascination with all things current and historic about photographic practices: controversial court cases, forgotten photographers, innovation, inspiring artists, creative processes - topics that pique my interest whether pertaining to film or  digital. There is no plan. Giddy-up!

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