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August 07, 2017
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Thanks to MR for the never-been-used Kodak Pleaser. Still in the box with manual and spare battery. More specifically, thanks to your Pops who hung on to it all those years. The cameras are as outdated as they are rare. Of note, 40 years ago, Pleaser owners were offered various degrees of compensation in exchange for their now useless cameras, which Kodak then apparently attempted to destroy.  According to a write-up on Kijii, the camera was:  "Introduced in 1977 as Kodak's answer to Polaroid's domination of the instant picture market, the film technology was almost immediately challenged by Polaroid as a patent infringement. The long-ensuing legal wrangling finally ended in 1986 when Kodak were forced to withdraw from the instant picture market, leaving very many cameras, (16.5 million, according to one source), with no film. The ones that are left in the jumble sales, charity shops, lofts and cupboards of the world represent what may be one of the most unusual of the Kodak camera ranges, of little more than sentimental value to their owners and of no practical use, but eminently collectable nevertheless." Sells on Ebay for $100 -$175.

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